ferneberga (ferneberga) wrote in pauleyp_fans,

Some Pauley FanArt

Hi, I'm new here. Chirugal kindly guided me her. This is some fan art stuff I did of Pauley from the Photo Shoot in Paris. Please credit if you snag. Thanks.

I'll post more another day

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Ooooh, these are VERY pretty. :D
Thanks. Pauley's my favourite subject for fanart she's so chamaleonic even within the same photoshoot. Apart from this particular photoshoot, I have loads made of her as Abby
She's definitely striking in a lot of ways! I'm sure no one would mind you spamming this comm with fanart. :D
I'll try not to flood too much - lol
Oooh, these are lovely. Spam away :)
Thank you