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Pauley Perrette Fans' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Pauley Perrette Fans

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Fic: Umbrellas Under Clear Skies [04 Oct 2011|08:25pm]

Fic: Umbrellas Under Clear Skies
Fandoms: NCIS/Sandman
Genre: Crossover
Rating: PG
Words: 497
Warnings: None. No spoilers.
Beta: alas_a_llama and azremodehar, who are both stars.
Notes: Apologies for any failures in medical technique: I did one First Aid course when I was eight and that’s it. Inspiration for the premise is due to Terry Pratchett.
Summary: Abby and Death: a conversation between fragments of time.

(Death took a moment to flick through a mental checklist, twisting her umbrella thoughtfully against her shoulder.)
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NCIS Verse [06 Apr 2011|04:14pm]


Apply here for Team Labratory, Team Morgue or Team Bullpen!
Let them know that I send you ;)
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Pauley fanart [11 Jan 2011|05:26pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Here's some fanart of Pauley I made

Credit: [info]abbygibbsmorgan
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Do not post on FANPOP!
Do not post anywhere else unless you've ask permission first.
Give me some love, love to know what you think

Pauley fanart )

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Pauley Fan Art [11 Jan 2011|01:17pm]

Here are some Pauley wallpapers I made from the photos at the People's Choice Awards last week.
Fanart behind lJ cutCollapse )
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Some Pauley/Abby icons [21 Sep 2010|02:16pm]

[ mood | stressed ]

Hope you like. If you snag please credit (JNE)

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Some Abby Fanart [11 Sep 2010|11:57pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

If you snag please credit (credit - JNE) Thanks

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Pauley Fanart [12 Aug 2010|12:34pm]

Link to my Pauley Series album on FB: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2074450&id=1147386935&l=2bfad8352f
Below a series of bookmarks

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Pauley Banners based on Watch Mag photoshoot [12 Aug 2010|12:46am]

Hope you like. If you snag please credit (credit: JNE) thanks

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A little more fanart [11 Aug 2010|01:42am]

A few more pieces - please credit if you snag (credit: JNE):

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Some Pauley FanArt [10 Aug 2010|11:25pm]

Hi, I'm new here. Chirugal kindly guided me her. This is some fan art stuff I did of Pauley from the Photo Shoot in Paris. Please credit if you snag. Thanks.

I'll post more another day

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LOOK WHAT I FOUND [04 Jul 2010|10:52am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

"Dearest Abby" (from Asleep By Dawn magazine, 2004)

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[12 Jun 2010|08:29am]

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

So, I'm having fun with picspams, and I did one of Pauley from Cloak. Because, frankly, Pauley's got the BEST legs. ;)
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fanart [09 Jun 2010|12:07am]

[ mood | calm ]

Hey guys, been busy times lately, but here I am again
I hope you'll like

Credit [info]abbygibbsmorgan
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DiNozzo don't go peak under the cut!!!!! )

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o.k., it took me a while...(there's a TON of stuff on clints site!) [15 May 2010|04:41am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Though im obsessive when i'm on a mission: looked thru his myspace gallery, buzznet, facebook, some social networking site called "little episodes" that damn near made me feel crazy as their mission statement from trying to figure it out (but had a p + c video "featured," so A+ for that), twitter links ( 99 percent/blasts to his site, a "ning" site called theenvy.us (or "theyenvy.us"? really exhausted, sorry), whosdatedwho.com, weblo.com, various fan groups of both c + p on hella buncha sites, and tl;dr ~i found lots of other pix of p♥ with him. here's the highest-res i came across, did you know it was taken in pauley's house? dirk barely even mentioned it in an old journal entry *thank you Way-Back machine* ;) whereas i would have been DYING!!!

so here they are in her living room. cool vintage couch, totally p♥ when you think about it—

clint catalyst

then I uncovered...

Anyone seen it before?

Dirk's handwriting, apparently original quote of Clint's was "...that which you create," but it wouldn't fit on his buzznet header. :)

They were supposed to make greeting cards out of these, Dirk's video with Clint explaining is no longer on his youtube channel... wonder what made them change their minds? I think this picture is awesome!!

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didn't see this one among the group... [09 May 2010|11:55am]

and since i'm new, thought i might as well contribute. :)

i'm sure some of you already know that pauley has modeled with her friend clint catalyst before, but judging by this  BLOG POST apparently she's also modeling for him. he's released a set of prize ribbons (with slogans like "hedonist," "hater,"  "FTW" and PERV) with the designer JARED GOLD, who sells them through his etsy store (source linked by image):

of COURSE she's wearing the one that says "epic"!  (who else?)

the ad with text is on clint's myspace and buzznet pages, but the raw image is in the blog link i posted and is credited to photographer DIRK MAI

(dirk also took my favorite pic of pauley and clint together, let me know if you'd like it posted, im pretty sure one of the jpegs i have is high-res)
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Birthday Ava [27 Mar 2010|01:03pm]

[ mood | good ]

It's me again *blush*

I made a Happy Birthday Ava for Pauley haha :) It's not really special, but I hope you like it... :)

Aikana :D

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Avas [24 Mar 2010|09:45pm]

[ mood | good ]

Hey there,

I'm new here and wanted to share some of my Pauley avatars. I'm not a pro, I'm just making them for fun ^^
Let me know if you like them :)

[ Please don't upload them anywhere else... but of course you're free to use them yourself :P ]

Aikana :)

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Fanart [18 Feb 2010|10:33pm]


It's not much I know but here's a wall I made of Pauley Perrette. Hope you'll like it.

Please if you wanna use let me know
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caps from Dawson's creek [09 Jan 2010|11:38pm]

I'm new here. I made caps from "Dawson's creek" of Pauley. She plays Rachel Weir, Ph.D., psychologist, who works with grief, fear and panic attacks. It was in 2001, 2 episodes. This caps are from season 5, episode 7. All caps are click-able.

Read more...Collapse )
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Abby Caps [09 Jan 2010|12:11pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

Well, here are a few or Abby/Pauley caps then,...
Hope you'll like them a bit

+ Credit -- abbygibbsmorgan 
+  Do not hotlink
+ Feedback = love and craved
+  And enjoy!



Squeeeeeeeeeee )
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