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pauleyp_fans's Journal

Pauley Perrette Fans
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She sings, she acts, she writes, she's saved someones life and she's sexy to boot! Welcome to Pauley Perrette fans!

Pauley Perrette was born and raised in the south. She's got a Sociology/Criminology degree. Although she has appeared in many roles, she is probably best known for portraying Abby Scuito in NCIS on CBS. As well as being multi-talented, she is real and that is why we love her.

Since Pauley Perrette was lacking a community on Livejournal, I've created this as a place for her fans to discuss her work, post pictures, and hang out.

The banner was made by me, gillians_gal/opium_lips

::Pauley Links::
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Pauley's Blog
Pauley Gallery - Thanks to abby_forever
Loball - Includes MP3 downloads, hear Pauley sing!